Types of Accident and Injury with their Symptoms

Accident and injury often go together because, for every accident, there is bound to be one or more injuries. Some people get involved in accidents and secure injuries ranging from the minor bruises, cuts, tears to the major ones like head and chest injuries. However, you may require different medical specialty in a case of severe injuries. Accident and injuries that follow may call for the expert services of a medical doctor, chiropractor, orthopedic and even cardiologists, depending on the extent of injuries secured.  Here are some injuries that may arise from accidents and their symptoms.

Back Injuries

This is common, and it occurs mainly due to a sudden movement, knock or fall during an accident. In fact, any accident and injury to the muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons that connect to your back can cause back pain. Severe back injuries may come with bladder and bowel control problem, extreme weakness or numbness in one or both legs. If you are having back pain after a car accident, you need to consult a medical doctor.

Head injuries

During accidents, the head might get secure injury ranging from minor to life-threatening injuries. It is not uncommon to have your head hit against a hard part or get a bump to your head during sports, at home, when on the road or even in the workplace. You may experience symptoms like a headache, bruises, tenderness, and swelling of the scalp, dizziness, nausea, and pains. When you get involved in an accident and injury as the head injury is secured, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention.

Chest Injury

Sometimes when accident and injury like the chest injury occurs, it barely affects the chest wall, while in other cases, the organs within are affected. Chest injuries may include damage to the heart, bruising to the chest area, or broken bones perhaps the ribs. Chest injuries may come with symptoms like internal bleeding, nausea, coughing up blood, extreme thirst, and pale skin. In this scenario, you need urgent medical attention.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are perhaps the commonest car accident injury, sudden movement of the neck can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments of the neck. Although whiplash may differ from one person to the other, they are known to be characterized by limited neck movement, tingling sensations, and neck pain. However, the best and compelling way to salvage this health condition is to meet a chiropractor as quickly as possible.

The moment you get into accident and injury occurs, you must seek medical attention. However, it is important to meet a chiropractor immediately after an accident; this will ensure prompt treatment to prevent further damages that may come up.